Cumo Clutter Control is the best! I knew my first floor was stale with too much furniture and a lack of design. I bought a couple of pieces of art that I love and Cumo took it from there. They encouraged me to get rid of a lot of things that I didn’t really care about, which made more space for the things I did. They were tireless, and their energy knew no bounds. They have a real eye for design, and many fresh and innovative ideas. Now my art is the focal point when you walk in the front door. And the other rooms on the first floor have been decluttered and rearranged to such an extent that I now rotate from room to room at night to sit and read or entertain. I love my new look, and I could never have achieved it without the help of Steve, Carol and Cumo Clutter Control. – Becky, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

We cannot say enough positive things about CCC! They are extremely punctual, hard working, organized, creative and personal people who gave/taught us a systematic and efficient way of living. They transformed our cluttered basement into a well-ordered, neat and tidy space and also re-arranged and decluttered our kitchen, dining and living rooms to be more functional and homey without us having to buy new expensive organizing systems. We would highly recommend CCC to you! – Sarah, Northville, Michigan, USA

I used to feel overwhelmed when I went in to my study. The room felt cluttered and cramped and I did not feel like going in there. Then Cumo Clutter Control helped me. They gave me a vision for what the room could look like and motivated me to get rid of my old files. They recommended that we remove one of the desks and helped me to rearrange the rest of the furniture in the room. Now my desk faces the window and I really enjoy working in there. In addition, everything I need at my fingertips and I enjoy seeing all of the souvenirs from our many travels. Cumo Clutter Control was easy to work with and they did a great job in helping me to get and stay organized! – Margaret, Christchurch, UK

Steve and Carol reorganised my spare bedroom to make better use of the space and storage. The furniture placement was unbalanced and now it feels so much better to go into as it is coherent in terms of Feng Shui. Then they did the same to my entrance hall bringing more light into the room and making more efficient use of the space. – Jill, Somerset, UK